Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Paying the price - but totally work it

I asked Frank if we could put the top down for our road trip and it was so wonderful. Wind in hair, unobstructed view... it was just cool.

After several hours, he did say he'd had enough sun and put the lid on.  Smart man.

My forehead is totally sunburned. I couldn't figure out what it was at first. It itched, I scratch and OWIE!!  It's been about a million years since I was sunburned.

And I think while that wind in hair thing was awesome, outdoor whatever-was-in-the-air into my lungs not so much.  Cough, gasp, cough, gasp..  And now we know why smoking pot is surely not an option with these lungs. Hell breathing outside air turns out to be not that good.

Between the rescue inhaler and my magic cough stopping pills, I think I've got it under control but wild.

Most of the time, since I don't exert myself often, and can rely on shallow breathing, I'm really ok with having half lungs and then I get a little reminder...  Could be worse. Way worse so I'm really not complaining honest.  AND for reasons that totally escape me, I can swim without issue, so paying the price for a very fun day - FINE by me!  
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