Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Amazing Spontaneous Road Trip

I left the pool after my swim and tried to think of someplace to go/somethign to do and came up blank so headed home. About half way there, I got a text "Feel like having a raod trip today?" It was from ljtourist. And we had just the best spontaneous, unplanned, all around fun road trip ever.

We hadn't seen each other since June and he just got back from a big trip so we had lots to chat about.  And he has a great, fun car to ride in.  So first we headed north to the first place that was reported to have F'real milkshake machines. Frank found out about these enons ago and we've been talking about tracking one down for a long time.  Delish and well worth tracking down.

Then we went to Frost Donuts - not far from the F'real place.  Frost makes destination donuts and they have a new location. They took over the yarn shop in Mill Creek. We had donuts. And while there somehow got to talking about Sonic Drive-in.  That's how we ended up in Ferndale.  Coming home we stopped at the closest legal marijuana shop that sells eatibles.  I hadn't been in one of the new legal shops. Really a far cry from the stoner dude selling out of his trunk in the dark part of the parking lot.  We made another stop at Central Market for goodies and then home.

The day was blue sky clear and the road was through some amazing forest areas with the most beautiful trees. Frank put the top down for lots of the trip and it was just amazing. And even included snow capped mountains. Just a great day!

I'm not even letting the Mariners loss kill it. They could still pull it out of the bag but probably won't.

As I type this, the afternoon sun is burning a third eye onto my forehead.  In 2-3 weeks, I'll be able to push a button and make that go away. Yeah!
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