Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Merry Christmas to me

Jordan, my shades man, sent me the quote just a bit ago.  And he gets even more points for not making me wait until Monday.

My estimate was pretty off - soup to nuts including tax and dealer prep, etc - it's going to fall just under $4,500. BUT, I love them and I'm still worth it.

Plus - and here, he nearly loses a few points - I discovered he left out a major selling point...

On the quote, he listed the exact name so I could go to the website and, once there, I discovered that in addition to the remote control... there's an android app!!!  And it's in both the Google Play store and the Amazon App store so I can put it on my Fire tablet and my phone! Oh yeah, baby.

They are Hunter Douglas Nantucket sheers. The ones I ordered look like the dark striped ones past the guy in this photo.  That's their midway position.  The dark stripes can be flapped down so that the shades are a dark translucent. Hunter Douglas Nantucket

I signed the contract and sent it back to him with my credit card info and told him Let's Do It!

While I was typing up this entry, he replied and said my shades were on order.  Again, he could have easily waited until Monday and I so appreciate that he did not.  Happy Happy Happy.

And if that wasn't enough excitement, the Mariners are ahead in the 4th.
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