Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim this morning was good. I love starting the day with a swim but I'm kind of grateful that the pool doesn't have early morning swims every day. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are just perfect. I'm beginning to enjoy the variety of having to swim at different times on different days. Tomorrow, for instance, when the alarm goes off, I can just roll over and listen to the news a bit and wake up gradually. It's kind of nice to have the variety.

Today is blinds day.  The blinds guy is coming at 1:30. I am ready.

My condo is a kind of tube. At one end is the door to the hallway/elevators and at the other end are 2 7x5 foot windows and a sliding glass door.  The window end faces east. So I'm used to fighting morning sun. But, since they built the building across the street, as the sun sets it bounces off that building so I have glare twice a day not to mention the heat.

I used to lower the shades before I went to bed and then raise them about mid-morning. But now it's an up and down thing all day and every day. They no longer go up easily. So I tend to leave them down 24/7. This is ok in the summer. Not ideal but not horrible. In winter, though, the leaves are off the tree and I can see stuff. I want my windows unblocked so I can see stuff.

When I replaced the mini blinds with UV shades, I wanted motorized ones but the designer who was managing the project talked me out of them.  I've regretted that ever since and I plan to fix it.

It is likely that there are many more years of life in my current blinds but I don't care. I want to be able to rise and lower the shades with a remote control so that's the goal today. I dug around all kinds of blinds and shades websites to see if I could get even a ballpark on how much this will cost and I'm still not sure. In my head, I'm hoping it will be less than $3,000.

The other thing on today's agenda is also money connected. I'm waiting on a check - an old fashioned paper check - supposedly on its way via the postal mail. It's a really big check. And I'm not really comfortable having that kind of money just floating around maybe landing in a junk mail pile or slipping out and falling in the trash or just getting lost in the mail.

It should be here today and I can get it into my checking account. It will be what I live on for the next four months. I'd like it to be safe so I can worry about something else.
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