Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Random Stuff

I slept the opposite of like a rock last night. It was hot in here. I should have turned on the air conditioner but it is freakin' September. It's time for that thing to go into the closet for the winter. grrrr. I woke up every couple of hours and just could never get comfortable enough to sleep good. At one point I dreamed I got tangled up in my clothes and couldn't get out. Ugh.

But, it's over and I'm awake and coffeed.

It's that TV traffic jam time of year. Baseball isn't over yet and the new shows are starting. The Mariners keep winning one and losing two and winning two and losing one. They are quickly coming to the end of the runway. Every game is hard to watch - especially the losing ones. But, soon it will be done.  Meanwhile TiVo is dutifully saving everything.

Even daytime TV is heating up. Ellen is back but so far kind of blah. I really don't like the games and a lot of her musical segments so I end up fast forwarding through a bunch. Which is fine because now there is also the Meridith Viera show which is way better than I expected. She has a very good bit at the beginning - called The List - where she talks about random stuff that's generally interesting and well executed.  Some of her guest spots have been interesting some not. And gain, the stupid games. Fast Forward is my BFF.  And, finally, the View. I've watched it on and off over the years and usually ended up just ignoring it all together because it often so quickly just disolved into a yelling match. Plus, Barbara Walters just annoys me.  This year, they have new hosts and a new executive producer and the result is a mostly very watchable hour of good discussion with interesting, respectful opinions.  Not so much FF on that one so far.

And I still have the bulk of the Roosevelts to get through.

One random thought about the picture from the yearbook in that entry yesterday. We were not wearing uniforms.  On yearbook picture day, we were all told to wear pastel blue woven cotton shirts with peter pan collars.  Not an problem since all of us - every single one - had at least one of those in our closets. Lemmmings.  You'd be hard pressed to find one anywhere at all today. I hope they all disentegrated ecologically.

Today's calendar is pretty sparce so maybe I can work on that TiVo backlog but I also started a way interesting novel las night... hmmmm  One thing I do know is that the pool opens at 11 and I will be there ready to get in it.
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