Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've been trying to move some money from one place to another for what feels like forever. In my mind, it should take 5 minutes or less. In the world it takes more than 5 days. Every morning I log in and check my balance. This morning, finally, I see, it is $0 which means the dead is done. Whew and yeah!

I think the Mariners' Lovely Summer of 2014 is heading towards a dismal end. Sigh. Usually I get to this mental place way earlier in the Summer but I think it's clear that my watching of the new Fall TV shows will not be impeded this year by post season baseball watching. Oh well. It has been fun. Real fun. And, this year, instead of being relieved that we will  have no more pain until next March, we can look forward to more good baseball next March. So... that's something.

Nothing big is planned for here today.The laundry is all done and the kitchen is clean and I'm pretty much caught up on everything.

I do need to remember to call the doctor's office and see if they have their flu shots in and if I can just swing by sometime and get shot up. I think that would be easier than going to the drug store and filling out all their forms. At least the doctor's office has all my info already.  I could wait until November when I go in for my check up anyway but if I do and then get the flu before then I would feel extra stupid. I don't think my lungs would be happy with a bout of the flu.

My swim is at 11 today and I have some stops on the way ... Walgreens and the library.

I just realized it is 8 am and not 9 am like I thought. Cool! An extra hour. I think I'll find out what's happening in my lastest novel.
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