Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Moldy oldie out... Pretty in!

My kitchen floor is 4" taupe (really dusy rosey pinkish) tiles separated by the ugliest grout on the planet. Together they make a kitchen floor that shows every single spec of everything and is a bitch to keep clean. Plus, not comfy to walk on. So, I've pretty much always had carpet on it.

About 10 years ago I bought this fairly cheap but OH SO soft and great on the feet chenile carpet. It's great to walk on but kind of a bitch to clean because it fights the vacuum and hates the broom. But, I have a cleaning lady :).  She hates it, too, but what can she do?  Also it kind of slides around and when Zoey does her run and land it bunches up in the corners.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago I was down on the floor to retrieve something and noticed that it is stained and disgusting. So I started shopping for a replacement.  I found one at Home Depot that I liked but wasn't sure I loved and, since it was online, I couldn't tell if it was ok to walk on.  It's an indoor/outdoor. I line my terrace with two of their very cheapest indoor/outdoor rugs and they are perfect for that and nice to walk on with bare feet.

And then, they went on sale 15% off and if I hate it I can roll it up and take it the store down the road and return it. So I pulled the trigger.  It arrived today and YEAH!!!!  Nice to walk on, bright and cheery, vacuum loving and doesn't slip/slide/bunch up.  Win Win Win.

This photo does not show how very disgusting this plum number acutally is. Trust me.  $50 well spent and ohhhh how happy Amira will be next time she comes.

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