Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sorry, Goodwill

About 2 and a half years ago, I bought an induction burner to try out. I feel in love with it. It sits on top of my glass top stove which I have, honestly, not used since I got the burner. If what I'm wanting to cook takes two burners, I find another way to do it.  Chef Anita loves it, too.  She uses the stove cause she needs more burners but her first choice is always the induction.

A couple of months ago, the buttons started to go. They are those dimpled kind - you know, just bumps if you run your fingers over them. But the bump part started cracking. So I duck taped them but the duck tape is kind of not working so well.  Then, last week, I turned on the burner and it screamed at me.  A horrible noise. It cooked, but it screamed so I figured it was time for a replacement.

There are a gazillion different ones on the market. I scoured. I compared. I studied. I finally found one that looked perfect and ordered it.  When it came, I was delighted to find it was a bit smaller and lighter weight. I tossed the old one in the hamper I keep for Goodwill.  I slapped on my sauce pan and heated up Anita's dinner and all was good.

Until this morning. I got out my small frying pan - induction approved and has worked prefectly on the old burner - and got E0. WTF?  I had actualy tossed out the manual so I dug it out of the trash to discover that E0 is error code for pan not induction pan. Oh, yess, it is... I rebooted the burner and tried a couple more things and still E0.

I moved it to the counter and dug the old one out of the hamper. I turned it on - no screaming - and made a wonderful breakfast.  Today, I will try some of the new masking tape that I got to recover the brasson the fireplace doors with.

Amazon can have the POS back. So so so glad I hadn't tossed out the boxes yet. It was on my list of stuff to do today.

For the record the old one is a Max Burton and the new one was a Duxtop.  If/when I replace, I am going back to Max for sure.
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