Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The aches and pains of being old and out of shape

You hear about people who wait too long to get something medical checked and you think, how in the world could they have been so stupid? Or how in the world could they have lived with that discomfort/pain/inability to do something so long?

And then you get old and out of shape and every day brings another pain or problem that you now know from experience will either go away or are now part of just being old and out of shape.  You could get in shape but... those life choices were cemeted years ago. And the old thing is, of course, irrevocable.

Lately, it's what I call my lung muscles. It feels like I've had a horrible cough for a while and I've coughed my muscles to sore. Only, no cough. Weird. It could be another componant of my COPD. Who the fuck knows. It's not horrible. Just uncomfortable. It does not seem to be adversely affecting my breathing and my ability to draw a deep breath - not my best skill on a good day, but doable - is the same.

Getting old is interesting. So far for me the pros and cons are equal. At some point the cons will take the lead. Every day until then is a plus.

Today and tomorrow are promising to be hotties. 82 today and 88 tomorrow. But then it drops. And, even now, the hot isn't as hot as it was in August. But I am ready for clouds.

I was thinking about going across the street to the new Josh Henderson restaurant that just opened for brunch but... they don't start serving until 10 and it's not yet 9 and I'm hungry and I have plenty of breakfast fixin's here in the house so I think I'm going to mange ici.

Then there's the baseball game and that's it for planning. So far.
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