Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Me and Hugh... and Julia

I sat down this afternoon to knit and either watch TV or listen to my book.  I scrolled through TiVo and there, at the bottom was Notting Hill.  So I spent the afternoon on movie cotton candy but very pretty cotton candy.  I am sure I saw that when it first came out but the story rang zero bells.  Julia looks just like she does now but old Hugh has not aged quite as well... interesting twist there.

I also did research on window blind people. Yelp has two different ones both of whom have lots of reviews and only 5 star reviews. So I think my game plan will be to call both of them and get them out here to talk to me about options.  That will be next week's project.

Dinner's been had and the kitchen is clean and the game is on. The last few nights, playing at home, have seen crowds of 11-12K - paultry. Tonight is a sellout and tomorrow is almost one. Tonight we have the best pitcher on the mound and we are playing a team that is on a downhill slide so if we lose it will be a bigger bummer than usual.

I have a skein of neon yellow in the yarn bin since forever. It's really a gawdawlful color but it's soft and so finally, tonight, it's getting its turn.  If I can stand it.
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