Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

kind of a weird day so far and it's only noon

I was realy sick last night and so  amazed when I felt excellent this morning. I got to the pool early (I still can't get a handle on the opening moved back 30 minutes and I'm not the only one).

I keep my earbuds, iPod, googles, lap counter and few other everyday swim needs in a little pink striped zipper bag that I then attach - via a badge pully - my pool id/payment card.  I keep this bag in my pool bag. Always.  Even when I bring the iPod home to charge it, I leave the pink zipper bag in the pool bag in the car.

This morning, for the first time ever, I could not find the pink zipper bag. I looked in the pool bag, I looked in the car, it was nowhere. I relooked twice. The last time I had it was in the car on Friday when I pulled out the iPod to bring it in for updating.  So, thankfully, I had the iPod just not the bag. So weird.  I thought maybe somehow it fell out of the car at home in the garage.

Fortunately, I had spare earbuds and an old pair of goggles so I used them. After my swim which turned out to be a good one, I got my shower and got dressed and went to the car.  And there... on the top of the car was the pink striped bag.  I know I did not put it there. I would have seen it when I went back to check. I figure it fell out on the drivers side when I got out and someone found it and oh so very kindly left it for me on the car. They have no idea how much I appreciate their deed!!

Thank you kind, anonymous person!!

On the up side, I know that 1. the spare goggles suck. so they are getting trashed and I'm adding a new pair to the bag for my spares and 2. the spare earbuds have the wrong kind of tips.  I'll be fixing that, too.

After swimming, I did my grocery errand and still felt good and felt hungry so I went to the barbecue place. They do know how to do barbecue - I will give them that.  I had pulled pork. Their ribs looke perfect.  They have only been open a week and their serving process leaves tons to be desired. Their sides are totally uninspiring. They had good pickles.  $14 for a pulled pork sandwich and a can of diet coke is a little steep.   I think they are going into my kit bag as a great place to pop in and pick up a rack of ribs to bring home (or half rack probably a better idea) where I can have them with good cole slaw and iced tea and my own sink to wash my hands and face after.  It is nice to know that there are good ribs in town. For sure.

I'm home now and all is excellent. The 'hood is quiet and while it's heating up outside, it's still cool and comfortable in here.

The baseball game isn't until 6 so I think I'll get some todo's done.
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