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I so love sleeping when it is not hot. The past couple of nights have been cooler than the rest of Summer and snuggling under a cover - even a very light weight Summer blanket - is so much better than lying stark still in hopes of cooling off or falling asleep so I won't care.  I can't wait to have to swap out this blanket for a real one burrow under it.

Last night both the Mariners and the Sounders won and both games let out about the same time. So in addition to enjoying the cool, I fell asleep to a sympany of delighted fans kicking off their weekend with a victory. It was really cool.  Most of the time, this is the coolest place to live in all the world.

Today is swim at 9 and then... I have two different, short grocery stops.

And, after that, I'm seriously considering BBQ for brunch. There's a new place south of there (Jack's BBQ on Airport Way) that proports to serve Texas barbecue.  Around here, barbecue is used losely to mean everything from smoked meat of all kinds to overcooked meat of no flavor drowning in a sweet red sauce. And places all up and down that spectrum are touted as 'real barbecue'.   Somthing about this place has me believing they might know what they are talking about...  They are open from 11-2 now and I went at 11 yesterday and the line was out the door.  I thought maybe I'd have a better shot at 11 today.

But, after yesterday, my new rule - at least for as long as I can keep it - NO eating unless I'm really truly hungry. So, if after my errands, I am not really truly hungry, the BBQ research will wait.

I think my next house project is going to be replacing my blinds. They are getting tired. And hard to roll up.  I could look into getting them fixed but that would me going back to Sherry (the decorator) and I have vowed to leave her to her new London life.  I asked her about the blinds (how best to clean them) before she left and got a non-answer. I'm done with her and with her blinds.

Besides I want motorized ones.  I have found a good place here in town and I think next week I'm going to call them to come out and have a little chat.  Before the new building went up across the street, I only had to fight the sun once a day - in the mornings.  But, now, I have another fight at night when it comes over our building, hits that one and beams back in here. I either have to raise and lower them a couple of times a day (which is likely why the mechanism is horking up on me) or live in the shade all year round. Once the tree loses its leaves, I like having them up so I can see what's going on out there.

It will be a good project.

All of a sudden after wonderful weeks of normal looking hands and arms, I, once again have harnds and arms decorated with ugly black and blue bruises all over. Senile Pupura. It's the most frustrating thing. The spots don't hurt - at all - even with pressure - they just look so horrible. And, it's worse, because I see my hands and arms nearly 24/7.  If I had something ugly on the back of my head or back of my legs, that I never saw, I'd be oblivious.

Even the worst case of senile pupura is only annoying. I need to get over myself.
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