Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My pool is in a movie!!!

About 2 years ago, there was a group of people with clipboards and without swimsuits milling around the pool. Because there is no one more nosy than me, I asked WTF was going on and was told that they were scouting for some kind of film shoot.

Well... today, when I got to the pool, Erica (who is the maintenance person and a prolific swimmer herself) was all full of movie news.  Which, it turns out, isn't really so much new and new to us.  The movie - 4 Minute Mile - apparentlly features really excellent Seattle scenes including our pool - and there's a scene in our pool - and the high school next door.  She wasn't clear on when it was opening so I figured I'd look it up when I got home. While I was swimming I was thinking that maybe I'd wait until I cold stream it so I could stop and slow mo the cool shots of the city and my pool... I got home and learned that 1. The movie pretty much sucks according to reviews and 2. It's not even in a theater, but Amazon has it for a cool $7 except I have a bunch of $$ off video coupons so it will cost me a cool $2.  Totally worth it!!

By some miracle, I remembered my errand before I left the house - library! I have 2 CD's to put into my swimming rotation for tomorrow.

Swimming was tough today - it felt like I was going faster and harder than I really was. I even had to stop and rest a couple of times. Weird.  BUT, I did noodle out that if/when I have to go on oxygen all the time, I'll just get a dive tank to do my swimming! Whew.
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