Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Sometimes I succumb to the very bad habbit of chewing the inside of my lower lip. Last night after brushing my teeth, I noticed some dark spots on my lip and inside my lower lip. I thought, OMG, I've now somehow chewed myself a prison lip tattoo!  And, then, I rememberd the half cupcake I had after dinner - with icing of intense Seahawks blue.  I'll probably be shitting Seahawks blue here pretty soon as well.  Oh well.  The cupcakes are just sooooo good. I'll suffer.  Half of them are intense Seahawks (neon) green.  Now... that should be real interesting!

I finally got the bill from the decorator for the replacement lights. I love the work this woman does but her business management skills suck donkey eggs. The lights and fixtures had to be replaced because the originals she had installed two years ago malfunctioned. It took a year of my whining to get any action at all. She found new ones - and told me they would cost me $300 for the two needed.  Honestly, her originals never worked right so I was not happy at paying anything. She offered her time and the installation for free. She sat on the invoice for 4 months (she moved to London 'moving is so stressful' - not clear why her taking two years to fix a problem she created is cause for me to give her sympathy about her moving... but.what.ev). Finally I got the invoice today again stressing that her time and the installer's time were gratis (BFD) - $670.  It's actually not that much of a surprise.

She's done work for me on and off for a decade. I figured out early on that she had time/money/project management problems and kept hiring her anyway. When I can get a quote out of her, I just double it and then add more.  Because, really, her end result is wonderful. I love my house. She took it from white walls and taupe carpet to a vibrant, wonderful place that I would not change one tiny bit of.

But, really, this time, is the last time. I hope she has  wonderful London life.


Today is the usual nothing much going on. There was one thing I wanted to do on the way to swimming at 11 or after and now I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. Oh well. No baseball today.

But, on the up side, I am breathing much better so far this morning. Nice. Being short of breath by itself isn't that bad but it brings to mind visions of oxygen tanks and then I try to invision how I will be able to swim tethered to one ... and it goes right downhill from there.  So days when breathing isn't a problem are decidedly good days.  
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