Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

keeping track but really just bitching

I have have been short of breath all day - well all day after I got out of the pool.  And my cough sounds honky. But, it's not wheezy so probably just life with COPD. And I'm so sleepy. I hate taking naps. Really I do. I want to be sleepy exactly 1 time a day and that's minutes before I actually go to sleep. At night. No nap today. I'm powering through.

And while I'm griping about bodily things, something is up with my fingernails. I like to keep them shortish. When you spend an hour in chlorinated water a day, plus washing dishes and regular day to day wet hand things, polish is not happening. It's not worth the effort it takes to get it on. So with no polish, longer nails just look silly. And... yet... lately... mine grow like they are being paid big bucks to get long. Cutting them is a PIA because I can never cut them cleanly so then I have to file them and that creates snags.  It seems like I cut them down to the pads of my fingers just the other day and now they are all back to too long again.

Between clipping Zoey's nails and clipping mine, nail clipping is beginning to feel like a job abound here.
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