Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So I went to Costco. I got toilet paper. Everyone can relax now.  And I stopped on the way home and got cat food. Whew!

But, back to Costo. First of all I have figured out my Costco zen.

1. Go on a cool, cloudy day.
2. Park at the far end of the first lot or at the beginning of the second one next to the cart return thing.
3. Enjoy the walk in.

Makes the whole experience better.  For me. Really. And coming out is nearly as good because no one is stalking you for your parking space.

The first thing I do, when I get to Costco - after eyeballing the front specials - is go to the bakery. I love their cupcakes. Love em. BUT only the white ones with vanilla butter cream frosting. They have chocolate with chocolate icing, carrot cake ones and then a half choc/half van. And they rotate them so my vanilla/vanilla only comes around very occassionally.  Today was still the carrot cake ones which I think they've now had for months... BUT... BUT... BUT... there were special 12th Man vanilla/vanilla ones!!!!!  I have never that glad to live in Seahawks land until today.  I bought 2 dozen. I looked like a rabid (aka regular) Seahawks fan.

They are gigantic. I eat 1/2 at a time. I freeze them and then pull off the papers, cut them in half and put them back in the freezer and eat 1/2 - usually after dinner.  So these 2 dozen will last me a while. My freezer space is now gone. I may have to give up ice. I did use it as an excuse to toss out the rest of the oh-so-cheap-and-not-good-at-all ice cream!

But, that wasn't the ONLY score... I found these and decided to give them a try. They are plain old tea biscits in the perfectly sized little packets and they are delicous!

Now for the Can You Believe I Am This Dumb Section:

Until this morning, I honestly and truly thought a seahawk was a preditor bird that was found near and on the ocean. I did. I really did.  My housecleaner is from Bosnia and speaks very broken accidented English. Her daughter is fully bilingual and I don't now about her Bosnian but her English is flawless.  Anyway, we were chatting about the concert/ballgame last weekend and she and her daughter swapped some sentences in Bosnian but they included the world Seahawk.  I asked her if the Bosnians didn't have a word for seahawk. And so the journey began.  Her daughted said that she was pretty sure a Seahawk was a made up word. WHAT???? NOOOOOOO So I Googled the shit out of it and lo and behold....  

Oh well, I am going to enjoy their cupcakes!
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