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Susan Dennis

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Four years ago, I stupidly bought an annuity because I wasn't thinking and didn't ask the right questions and was stupid. Finally the damn thing matured and I could get my money out. First I had to check and make sure I wasn't being even more stupid tax wise and once I got all that settled, I got the withdral form and filled it out and then called this morning to make sure I was doing it right, see about faxing and deposit info, etc.

I got a very nice and efficient woman who gave me the fax number, told me that my only option was a paper check via snail mail but even though the form said so, I did not have to have my signature notorized or witnessed assuming it matched the one they have on file.

So I signed and scanned - why does my desktop machine no longer want to scan?  Happily my printer has a 'scan' button so I got it done. Combined the two pages, saved as a PDF. Found a very easy free fax service (, sent it off and got the confirmation.  So... in about a week, I should have the check which, hopefully, I can just deposit via my phone and be rid of this thing forever. It has come to remind me daily that I'm stupid. It will be so nice to get back to genius.

My Twitter feed is over the whole Apple annoucement and is now spitting out news of yesterday and today. I always keep Tweetdeck in a column next to my regular browser window so I can be distracted 24/7. Squirrel!!

My house cleaner and her daughter are here making stuff spic and span. It's wonderful.

My swim this morning was good. The pool was packed but everything moved along so it was no big deal. I did find out that one of the morning lifeguards is doing private lessons on Tuesday nights.  I can make as many arguments for taking a lesson from her as against. I told her that I really couldn't do nights.  But, when the y get the schedule done (she said next week) and I can't find someone perfect in the mornings, she will be a good option even at night.

It's a lovely, cloudy, coolish day and I'm very grateful.  There's nothing else on my plate today but I may go take care of the toilet paper/cat food issue.. or not..  
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