Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Wallgreens had NO Brachs candy corn yet.  None.  I cannot believe it and am appalled.

No swimming lesson scheduled yet. They don't have the life guard schedule finalized so they don't know who's going to be around when. Apparently a fair number of the life guards feel compelled to go back to school now that Summer is over.  It's not right, but whattaya goin' to do?

No swim is bad but today's was not amazing. I just had trouble getting going smoothly. I even did a few extra laps after my mile - trying out new things.  Not that great.

3 people bitched to me today - in all sincerity about how cold is is.  ????  High of 70 and low of 56. Get a fucking grip. I had to suffer through your whole long horrible Summer. You shut up about my first beautiful cool day.  It's supposed to get hot again this weekend, of course.

Chef Anita is about done. And the dinners look delicious.
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