Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I spend a lot of time reading tech blogs, listening to tech  podcasts, reading the tweets and Google+ entries of tech journalists cause I like to hear about the latest stuff.  EXCEPT, I don't give one tiny fuck about anything Apple (or anything FaceBook).  Do today will just be a day of annoyances until everyone gets this latest Apple annoucement out of their system.

(And OMG, I just saw a tweet that Dr. Oz is at the Apple event...  he's like an annoying infection you just cannot get rid of.)

It's a chef day. Anita should be here any minute. My money says the phone will ring before I finish this entry. Today she's making:

  • Liver & Onions over smashed potatoes

  • Spaghetti and little bitty meatballs with garlic toast

  • Breaded Pan-fried pork chops with jicama, radish and pepita

  • Fried chicken with mac and cheese

  • Surloin portabella mushrooms with scalloped potatoes

And there will be swimming of course. At 11.

I'm running low on catfood and toilet paper. I love the Costco toilet paper. Not so much the buying of a million rolls at once but the actual paper itself and the heft on each roll so Costco is in the future. Costco's only dry cat food option is a bascillion pound bag which is not real practical so there will be a Safeway or Fred Meyers trip soon, too.

Last night's baseball game was a really really good one and we won. It's been many moons since we've in a position to maybe play in the playoffs and it's honestly kind of fun. They play Houston again tonight. When games are not thrilling, I keep the picture on but sound off and listen to my book while I watch.  Really good games cut right into my book reading time.

Anita is here and the cheffing has started.
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