Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday Monday

Last year, the week after Labor Day, nearly the entire lifeguard staff changed.  This year, it looks like there will only be tweaks here and there.  We have a new one on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  We could use new ones on Tuesdays and Thursdays - here's hoping.

I did not swim as fast this morning as I did on Saturday and I'm not sure why. I did try out my new fins and it quickly pointed out to me how very inefficient my basic flutter kick is.  Tomorrow when the receptionist is on duty, I will check the class schedule and see if I can find a good time/teacher. My list of shit I want to know about or more about is getting longer.

  • How can I kick more efficiently?

  • How can I improve my basic stroke for more efficiency?

  • How can I learn to breathe bilaterally?

  • How can I fix my breast stroke to best use some new muscles?

  • What's the best way to use fins? boards? crotch floats (I know that's not what they are called but it's what they should be called)

I may need more than one lesson!


Nothing big on the hit parade here today. I'm going to change the sheets (actually, I only use the one fitted sheet so it should be change the sheet...) and do a load of laundry and flatten down some boxes to get ready for recycling.  And then knitting and reading and really just enjoying the day.  Tomorrow Anita comes to cook and Wednesday the house cleaner comes so today is mild and mellow and stuff-free.

It's mercifully cool out today.  You can actually smell the cool and it's delicious.
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