Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've just killed way too much time trying to figure out how I can get British TV on my TV. BBC America doesn't carry cool stuff like British Bakeoff and Sewing Bee. Looks like my options are to download illegal stuff, pay someone about $20 a month to spoof my ip address or just hope I find the random show on YouTube before they pull it down.  Oh well.

Today may be my virgin Sunday Amazon delivery. They only started Sunday deliveries here a month or so ago. My brother's been getting them in Austin, TX for a while. An order I placed on Thursday is scheduled to be delivered today. Nice.

Yesterday when I was coming in, I ran into Tija in the lobby. Tija owns the gym across the street and is one of the nicest people on the face of the earth. I was picking up my training fins from the package delivery and told her. She'd never seen short fins. She's a diver and wanted to try them so I sent her the URL. Then, when it turned out they were too small for me, I pinged her and found they were her size!!  She's excited to get them and I'm thrilled they are have new life. They were only $17 and too heavy to make sending them back a worthwhile endeavor. I was going to take them to the pool and just leave them but it's much more fun to send them diving with Tija.

Yesterday's baseball game was supposed to start at 5. Rain delayed it until 8:15. The Mariners finally scored in the 8th inning and held the lead until the end which was after 11. I feel like I watched baseball all day yesterday and not in a gimme-more kind of way.  At least they won. They now have a 5 game winning streak - which they have had before... They have yet to win 6 games in a row which does not bode well for today... plus more rain is expected...

So besides baseball there will be not a whole lot going on here today. It's just too hot to go out. This will be, hopefully, the last really hot day.  Hope Hope Hope.  The new place across the street has it's first Sunday brunch today but the menu does not thrill me.  And they don't open until 10 and I have plenty of delicious breakfast fixin's right here.

And I think now is a good time for me to get up and get fixin' those fixin's!
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