Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More swimming but dry this time...

When I got home from the pool and the grocery, I did a little more organizing.

I had this big basket of swim stuff - hats, earbuds, googles (old and not used yet) and other miscellaneous stuff that is good for simming bu that I don't need every day.  I hauled out the basket and divided it up according to type into individual containers. Way better!  Then I rearranged the small cupboard in the front that holds coats and toilet paper. Then mailman came and brought my fins and they are WAY too small.

So I stewed for a whie about what to do and searched all the swim sites.  This morning, I crushed it swimming. It usually takes me about 55 minutes to do a mile. Today I did it in under 50. I did not really do sprints but, instead, just set and kept up a nice pace. It would have been fun to have tried it out with fins.

I finally decided, heat be damned... I'd get in the car and go. There's one very good swim shop in town but north of here enough to get smack dab in the middle of traffic - there is a football game at the University of Washington, which is right between me and the swim shop. But, I called and they assured me they had several flavors of short training fins.

I hopped into the car, thankyoujeasus for car air conditioning, and waiting. The traffic was bumper to bummper all the way. I finally managed to get there and, in fact, they not only had several different pair just the right size, they had one that fit me perfectly and felt great. (I have a long ago broken bit that never healed rigtht and so sticks out on my right foot. The two small fins hammered that poor foot so that even after I took it off, it hurt for 10 minutes.)  The fins cost me a third again more than ordering online BUT... 1. I got them today and 2. I know for sure they fit perfectly and feel good.  I was happy.

Not so happy to get back in the traffic and starving and then I remembered that Five Guys has a restaurant about 3 blocks from there. Heaven!!  I got a delicious cheese burger, delicious fries, a root beer and read my book in free air conditioning. In fact it was so air conditioned that I was pretty much a popsicle by the time I left but it was marvelous.  Home was also bumper to bumper but now I'm here and all is excellent.
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