Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool schedule changes today a little bit.  It doesn't open until 9 now so that's the new time that my Saturday starts.  Should a Saturday come when I need more day, I could go down to the city pool about 10 miles from here that has laps from 8-9:30.

But, today, I've got nothing much going on and it's going to be too hot to be out after lunch. Tomorrow, too but then we really start to embark on Fall.  So the plan today is to go swim and then do a quick grocery - ice cream! And then come home and spend what I hope will be my final few days with my beloved air conditioner.

Yesterday's project gave me a couple more ideas about better places to keep stuff.  Nothing major, just tweaks but it is so luxurious to have the space and places to put stuff.

Also the other win from yesterday is that in all that moving and heaving and shuffling and piling and moving and otherwise having my hands and arms around sharp edges, I did not get one new purple spot on my hands or arms. This is quite the little miracle right there.
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