Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done. really done.

It was too hot to go to Goodwill today. I took the trash down and then the Goodwill stuff started bugging me. Tomorrow will be hotter than today. Then I thought that I could get a McDonald's milkshake on the way home.

So. I went down and got a cart from the garage and brought it up. I fill the thing to overflowing (I had to stop a couple of times to pick up crap) and rolled it down to the lobby. Then I went back the garage, down the stairs, moved the swim gear out and drove it round to the front. I loaded it up. There was hardly room for me!  I took the cart back inside and to the garage and got back into the car ... and finally went to Goodwill.

And then got my milkshake.  And my hallway is now tidy.  As is everything else.  I'm so glad I went ahead and got it all done,


And my brother's team got their webams fixed and back on line... whew!
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