Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

done ... a little bit

My bed is clear.  The closet is done.  There is a giant pile for Goodwill in the hallway next to two bags o' trash.  There is a small pile of stuff that needs to go other places.

And I am a massive pile of dirt and sweat and starving.

I did NOT find the thing I was looking for but I did find all kinds of shit that I didn't know I had... 1 pair of navy blue crocks, 4 pillows (1 down, 1 memory foam and 2 regulars), and 2 pair of those slippers I got from Sears about 10 years ago that I dearly love. I thought for sure I had used up all the ones I had. Finding 2 more pair is just a miracle!!! I'm saving them for next winter.

And this concludes the promise I made myself when I retired 2 years ago. I told myself that I would empty every nook and cranny of this house - every close, every drawer, every cabinet and evaluate, trash, donate and organize.  Done.  Soon it will be time to do the living room cabinets again but that's the easiest of all.  Mainly now I know where shit is and there's room to easily put anything and everything in its rightful place. Hallefuckinglooyah.

Now I am going to have a chicken sandwich and take the rest of the afternoon off. Goodwill and the dumpster both will wait.
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