Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Break time

I totally get now, why I have put this project off for so long. It's a bear.

The junk showing in this photo is about half of what is in there. There is a large, impossible to get to, section tucked off the right there.

Once I pulled everything out, it became clear that 40% of the stuff is Goodwill, 40% is trash and 20% needs to go back in.

A good half of the 20% is stuff to put stuff in!  I am a hoarder with a purpose.

Ok, I'm going back in now... The goal is to get everything at least sorted into one of the two piles or back in the closet by lunch.

It should go without saying that Zoey thinks this is Christmas and her birthday all rolled into one joyus morning.
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