Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Some roads were still blocked this morning but only because they hadn't yet removed all the barriers.  I got to the pool fairly easily. Coming home was a bit trickier but, hopefully, it will all be cleared by the next time I go out.

For some reason there were no school crossing guards out this morning in front of the middle school and I watched 2 girls very nearly get taken out by a guy who was not looking and going way too fast. It did appear as if it scared the shit out of him which it sure should have.

My swim was wonderful. It felt like it had been days since I was in the water. I swam good and hard and even did sprints. I was rewarded by the prettiest human ever in the lane next to me. He was tall, chocolate brown, bald head with the tiniest blue and purple paisely speedo.  And he was an excellent swimmer.  My two favorite lifeguards were on duty and they told me he was visiting from California. A one time swim is $6 (cash only in the early mornings). He only had $5. Sheila said she told him to go ahead. We all agreed, we would have paid him to swim for us!

I love my Kindle Fire HDX tablet. It is not perfect because it does not have the Google Play Store. It's possible with several unnatural acts to get it loaded in but I'm not interested in doing it that way. I have a Nexus 7 tablet I can use for that. It does not have nearly the performance of the Fire, but it does ok.  Anyway, I've always been sorry that I got the wifi only Fire. Last night I realized that wifi only Fires are brining in good money used. So I ordered the data one and I'll sell the wifi one. Nice.  A data Fire in a case with a Bluetooth keyboard - along with my phone - is really all the computing power I need on short trips from home (like two days in Vancouver).

Today is Clean Out The Closet From Hell day.  In my bedroom, I have 3 smallish closets. I have one for haning clothes, one for folded clothes and one that has, over the years, become the catchall for every freakinthing in the house.  That one is the subject of today's Project. It's been gnawing at me for a while and it's the last bit of organizing left in the house.  There are several things in there that i want and can't find so today is the day that it all gets pulled out, culled, trashed, donated and organized.

And I plan to wander up the block at 5 to check out the party at the new sewing store and get a good look at their full inventory. But, I won't stay long as the baseball game is in Texas and so starts at 5.
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