Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Booked it, Dano

I've been toying with the idea of going to Vancouver for a couple of days at Thanksgiving this year. I love Vancouver. I hate Thanksgiving. It might snow. I have about $20 in Canadian cash. There's a wonderful little Marriott with a nice little pool and very good internet right downtown. And a restaurant that  love a few blocks away. And a YMCA with a big pool about 4 blocks from the hotel. I just got a reply to my query about a day pass. $16. They will be open and happy to see me.  My pool will be closed Thursday and Friday. I'll be able to swim and swim and swim.  And shop and eat.

So today, I found a great rate and booked two nights at the hotel.  Bolt Bus isn't taking reservations yet but they will be in a week or two. And, hoepfully, I can grab a seat. It looks like it will be about $30 round trip. The train would be about $80. Driving is not a viable option.

I'm jazzed. I need to noodle out a how to buy/fill a Canadian sim for my phone but I'm pretty sure that's doable.

I used to travel all the time - I mean always. I never did not have a bag packed. Now I go maybe once a year and even a short jaunt up the road is a BFD. I crack myself up.
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