Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today... so far

There is a lot going on today... in the world and in my little corner of the world.  The local tv news stations must be have major spasms. I'm sad about Joan Rivers being gone. I shouldn't be really - she had a long and ohmygod so productive a life and she didn't spend years or even months debilitated. But the thought of no new Joanisms is what is sad.  She was an original.

So far I've been able to keep my door open but I think that's going to end here in a bit. It almost ended at noon when the skies were filthy with news helicopters - those suckers are just a bad kind of noisy.

I went out this morning to get cash from the ATM and scope out the situation. It was before 10 so the crowd was mainlly made up of cops. I did run into my neighbor, Sherry, from downstairs. Their unit faces the right way but they are on the north end and so their view is completely blocked now by the apartment.

Half of this building faces west and half (like me) face east.  Originally all the east facers looked out across the stadium parking lot to the International District.  Now the north half looked into the apartment building and the south half looks into the parking lot.  I am in the catbird's seat. 1/2 of my view is right into the apartments which I love. And 1/2 half is into the parking lot/International District.  The only sad face is the damn tree which blocks my view 5 months out of the year.

Anyway, told Sherry that if she and her girlfriend, Lee, wanted to come peek through the tree at the concert, to come on up. I doubt they will. But I'll leave the door open. I did note that there will be no football game on the TV... The Mariners are playing at the same time (in Texas) and they will occupy all of the TV real estate.


Most all my days are spent eavesdropping and watching my brother's computer shop via his 4 webcams. I can see (and hear) the tech work space (and the techs) and see the front of the store and even the driveway.  It keeps me connected and I love it. They can also see me via my webcam which they broadcast at all times on a monitor in the shop over a sign that says "wave to my sister in Seattle".  It's our thing, webcams.  And I really love stalking them.

Sadly, yesterday, 3 our of 4 of the cams (including the one that offers sound), we down. They put in a new, fancy, firewall that is all fixed so that everyone and everything has wifi access except the Dropcams.  It took them a bit to figure out what the problem was and now they are working on finding the swich that lets the Dropcams play.  They are buying and installing this same firewall for some of their clients so this exercise is an important learning one for them.

But, boy, is it sad for me!  I feel like I've been cut off from the world.  I sure hope they get it figured out soon.


One of the guys from a local TV news station just posted a picture of a parking sign about a block south of here $120.00 - parking for the event.  That's a record for the parking prices I've seen.


The new market across the way has a Twitter account and last week I asked them if there was an email for feedback/suggestions and then sent an email to the address they gave me. I got a nice note back from a guy named Scott. Then, Sunday, I went in to get some more of that fabulous roast chicken and they were out.  Monday I went in to get some more of that fabulous roast chicken and they were out. Yesterday I went in and.. yep.. they were out.  There was a guy wandering around with a clipboard so I went up to him and said "that clip board makes you look important. are you?"  He allowed as how he was and I laid into him about the fucking roast chicken... Turns out, he was Scott!  He swore he would fix The Chicken Issue.  And he took my number and told me he would call me. I did not expect to hear from him today due to the mayhem out there but just a bit ago, he called... There is Chicken!!!

So I went out and snagged me some and some potato salad.  Whew and yeah!!

And the streets are getting pretty darned packed with people.  We're maybe an hour away from 'cannot even walk through'.  So my chicken and I are back home now and happy to be here.

I think it's time to listen to some more Jack Reacher.
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