Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not just another Thursday

Last night, I went to sleep to the sound of metal fences being off loaded - dropped really - from a truck. The truck was very full and they had a rhythm going so it was really a fairly pleasant way to drift off.

The stadium parking lot is now a giant grid of pens that are about about 100x100 yards each. I suspect that they are going to 'assign' people  into these pens for the concert as a method of crowd control. Last night the NBC affliate urged people to get down here early to 'get a good seat'.  ?????  She said it with a straight face.

I have totally given up on getting to the pool today. It looks like, in fact, I will be able to snag a Car2Go but getting home looks like it could be a problem even if I could walk a lot of it.  It's not going to kill me to skip swimming for one day.

I think I'll go out in a bit and take a walk around before it gets nuts and before it gets hot.  It was pretty cool to hear and almost kind of see Pharrell Williams do his sound check. He was Happy.
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