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Susan Dennis


Even though a couple of nearby streets area already closed off, I had no problems getting to the pool this morning.  Coming home was a bit of a hassle but not because of the NFL... school has started here. There is a high school next door to the pool and a middle school down the block. And the school buses haven't quite figured it out yet. So now, for a week or so, when I finish my early morning swim, I'll hit school rush hour coming home.  Happily, I'm rarely in a hurry. So I just chill out to NPR on the radio and know that I'll get there eventually.

Tomorrow the pool does not open until 11. My current plan is to check Car2Go. If I can find a car nearby-ish about 9:30-10:30-ish, then I'll hop in it and go to the pool. I'm ok with the walk/bus plan to get home after. If no Car2Go, I'll just declare it a no swim day. My own car is going nowhere until Friday morning. Not worth the hassle.


Yesterday - about going home from work time - the rains came. I watched them come across town via Twitter. Photos and reports about torential rains filled my Twitter feed. It was wild. Here in Pioneer Square, we had wind but no rain - lots of wind and, finally, about 8:30, we got the downpour.

In Seattle, the only time we get real downpours of heavy rain is in the movies or TV. IRL we have drizzle and gray days but very little RAIN and thunderstorms are pretty rare.

Last night... totally different story. At the pool this morning there was all manner of mud and debris by the front door of the pool and you could see on the side of the building how high the water came - it was easily higher than 2 feet.

One of the lifeguards this morning was on duty last night. He said they had so much rain so fast that they could not get the door to the outside open. They had to let people out through a back staircase that I never even new existed!



The baseball game is an afternoon game today. My current prediction is that the Mariners will (maybe) make the playoffs but it will be the one gamer to decide the wild card and they will lose that one game.  It's been a great Summer and the best we've had in years and years so it's ok.


I have a great Kindle book going and a great audio book going, some stuff on TiVo and I haven't even seen the Amazon pilots yet... so I have plenty to keep me entertained.

Plus if yesterday's sound check is any indication, I won't be able to hear myself think until Friday.


There were a lot of new gadgets announced today and more later in the week and next week. A lot of them are phones and I'm not interested. I have two great phones - a regular (MotoX) and a backup (Nexus 5). The newer phones are all too big and I love these two so no interest in a new phone.

New tablet, is a different story. I'm in the market but I'm picky. So I'll be watching the announcements.


I think I'll do a load of laundry.
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