Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Smiles after dark

Last spring, I bought and hung two cool lights out on my terrace. They didn't cost much and have a nice spiral thing that twists in the breeze - silently. They are solar powered and at night, they light up and continually change colors. But, because they need total darkness, it's only been lately that it's been dark enough for them to work well.  (Plus, most of the Summer I live with the shades down and you can kind of see them through the shades but not really well.)

This week, it's been dark enough early enough with the shades up for me to really enjoy them. Plus, the sweet bears in the apartment across the way strung up a really nice row of round white lights.  I finally remembered to take a picture last night.  Once that damn tree gets nude, maybe I can even get a shot with the guys.

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