Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

DIY not success but not fail either...

Ok so here's the issue:

That brass make me cry. It's old and ugly and draws attention to the fact that the old, ugly cheap doors no longer meet perfectly.

My thought was something like gaffer's tape. Only the Home Depot guy said "I don't know what that is..." wonder where in Seattle you wold find it??  The only black tape they had was Gorilla Tape.  So... That's what I got.  But, I also got a special Oil Paint Sharpie which did not work At.All. So back to Plan A. And, while up close it looks not that good at all, from where I sit and see it every damn day and for $3, I'm a happy camper!

Google just told me there's a place in West Seattle, just over the bridge that sells gaffer's tape and, I'm sure Amazon will sell me some and it would be easier, I think to get a cleaner look so I may redo. But for now, I am totally happy with myself.

I think I'll celebrate with a little walk to my next errands.
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