Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

"Holidays are so annoying"

My Mom, in her later years, hated holidays. Things she wanted weren't open. When she was in assisted living, the holiday staff was always pissed and never her favorite. She'd just spend the entire day whining about what wasn't.

I am working really hard not to feel the same way. There is even two websites that I need that are 'down for maintenance' until tomorrow. And, the worst offense... no swimming. I get that everyone else in the world is enjoying a day off and I'm trying to be happy for them but it is fighting a losing battle with It's All About Me.

Yesterday evening, I got hit by a spell of weird. It kind of felt like really low blood pressure with severe constipation. I didn't feel particularly out of breath (and totally forgot to even try my rescue inhaler which would not have hurt and might have helped). It lasted about an hour. I was just getting ready to just go to bed early and hope it went away when... it went away.  And I totally felt absolutely fine. Weird. This morning I'm great.

I do have two good projects for today. My fireplace has enough brass on it to make it look outdated and abandoned but not enough to warrant replacement. I could take the doors off, sand them down mask them off and spray paint them black but 1. I'm not sure I could get them off. 2. I got no place to spray paint. 3. I'm not sure I care that much. But last night I was looking at them and thinking that maybe I could hack a fix that would look ok as long as you don't look too closely with... tape.

Off to the hardware store.

Then, I plan to make a walk across the parking lot to get a good look at the Soundgarden/Pharrell stage and a quick stop in the Japanese grocery for the Japanese rice that is my favorite and Daiso to check for soap holder and get a new solar powered daisy.

There's a baseball game at 1. And that's the plan for this annoying holiday.
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