Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Way better

My swim was great. I remembered to do some sprints which were hard but it sure improved my time on the mile. So I did some extra laps of breast stroke and butterfly and backstroke... none of which I really enjoy a lot. I think I need to get over that.

I made a stop at Trader Joes and with it a great discovery. I have often seen their beef with broccoli, but it always looked like too much broccoli. I like broccoli but only in VERY small amounts. Today, I stopped and read the instructions and, turns out, the broccoli is in a separate bag!!! I can put in as little as I want. Score!

Then home where I had lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, refilled by shower bottles for the pool shower, recharged my ipod and replaced some podcasts on it, tidied up some other stuff and then sat down at the computer.  In about 10 minutes I solved both of the computer issues that plagued me so badly yesterday.

I also figured out how to easily see a list of all my electricity payments back to 2008.  And, yep, this has been the cheapest Summer since 2010. The weather peops are saying it's been the hottest. But, I think they may mean average. I know we've had Summer with hotter temperatures and for many more days in a row.  But, I think the combo of my LED lights and my way more efficient air conditioner have contributed to this Summer's savings. Nice.

I have listened to my book for a bit and now I think it's time for some TV.  The Sounders fans are all nicely and quietly tucked into their game. I can open the door now and still hear the TV. It's lovely and cool outside with a little drizzle. 
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