Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More new neighborhood!

So I went to Main and Occidental to see what the 'new store' in my calendar was all about and WOW!!!  It's a sewing store!!! Fabric and patterns and notions but... it has a studio!!! Sew by the hour! Holy crap on a stick.

It's a beautiful store - Drygoods Design. It moved here from Ballard (a neighborhood about 10 miles north of here).

They have Bernina B215 machines. And a wall full o' tools.

Soooo those plans I was trying to noodle out about buying a new sewing machine and furniture so that I could have it easily accessible? Done! Except, I'll just rent, thankyouverymuch!!  They just opened this morning and the woman in charge was waiting on a million people so it wasn't a good time to ask questions. They are having an opening party next Friday. I'm there.

I stopped by the market on the way home and made another thrilling discovery. They have a bunch of high end breads and baked goods. And now they are selling day olds at 1/2 off!!!! Score. I got a salad for lunch and some melon for later and a nutella brioche for dessert and a french loaf of something delicious looking and a cookie. I love that place.

The bathroom painting went off without a hitch. When I was done, it was clear that either it was going to dry to the right color OR I was going to have to paint the wall.  I waited and, of course, painting the wall is not at all necessary. I paid $8 for the paint. I think I used about a nickel's worth or less.  But, it's all fixed now.

It's lovely - cool and cloudy but it's also way more humid than usual and it feels it. Still way better than hot and humid.
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