Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I've done my swim and had my coffee and internet and am contemplating my next move.

I got the paint to fix the behind the toilet situation so I'll probably get that done today.  I'm out of breakfast muffins so I'll probably make a batch of those today.

Ahhhh PAX. All these random semi-famous people in my twitter stream have been streaming into Seattle this week - posting pictures and tweets about visiting the city. We have a big jazz festival every year at Labor Day over at Seattle Center but these people were' particularly jazzy. But, just now, one of them mentioned PAX - the gaming convention which seems to get more huge every year and this year it's this weekend and it's huge.  Wow. There's a lot o' stuff going on in town this weekend.

Crap another bicyclist has been killed in city traffic a few blocks from here just now. On the one hand, I'm surprised, the way many of them operate in traffic, that more aren't killed every day. Just this morning, two times in the short two miles between here and the pool, I had different bicyclists turn in front of me suddenly. One, as is often the case, had no helmet on.  And a third one rode right through a red light at a busy intersection and that was just on my way home today.

Back to me. I had a nice encounter with neighbor Ann yesterday. I ran into her in the hallway and road down the elevator. She didn't beg for help, she didn't cry, she didn't make a racial/ethnic slur. We had a pleasant exchange. Nice. Hopefully, we've come to a place where we can be hallway friendly without her dropping in here with issues 4 times a week.

The baseball game is tonight and I really have no big plans for the weekend. 
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