Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slow Guy

Today, as I walked from my car into the pool building, I saw Slow Guy coming in and he said 'come here so I can show you...' He opened up his bag and to reveal his very own brand new never used before flippers!!!  I told him I was going to call him Speedy Gonzoles but since we were friends, I'd shorten it to Speedy.  We had a great laugh. Then, when time to get into the pool, I got into the slow lane and he moved over to the the medium lane! I think those flippers have improved his attitude as well as his swimming!

Two of the morning only swimmers were there and we all - from various sides of the pool - gave each other a simultaneous WTF??? It was pretty funny.

I also had a long talk with one of the lifeguards/teachers and taking a lesson to learn how to do other strokes most efficiently and use other muscles now and again in addition to my breathing.  And, she suggested my getting fins like Speedy has. She says it will strengthen my leg muscles. Who knew?  (I looked through the ones that the pool has and they only have one that fits me and all of them are pretty beat up so maybe I will get my own and then I can be Speedy Jr!)

Home now and lunched sufficiently. The dryer just beeped on the 1st of 2 loads. It's folding time!
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