Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have a curious note on my calendar for tomorrow 'new store opening at main and occidental'. These days there are new stores opening around here all the time. I have no clue what made me so interested in this one as to put it on the calendar. Guess I'll have to to the Main and Occidental (a couple of blocks from here) tomorrow and find out!

Also on the calendar are financial reminders. I have an annuity which matures today and it's supposed to roll over into my other accounts. I'm watching this because it will be the final nail in the consolidation project. When Daddy died, he had little bits of money in a million places. He was kind enough to leave a complete list of accounts and numbers which was great but I like simple.

I've winnowed everything down to 1 chk/sav account, 1 investment account, 2 credit cards (one Visa, one Discover).  Mint.Com offered to get me my credit score for free yesterday and the only suggestion they came up with to improve it was to apply for more credit cards. Er, ah, no thanks. My score is fine, thx. And keeping it as simple as possible is my new goal.

Today is probably laundry day. And, I think, after swimming, I'll go get some bathroom paint.

My quickie weather site says today will be cooler than yesterday and tomorrow will be much cooler than today.  My kind of trend!!

Yesterday I was helping my brother and his techs noodle out some weird network issues on their end. They had narrowed it down to one of their webcams - the same one I have. I remembered that buried in the settings is a way to see a log of IP addresses currently viewing the camera and I started watching mine.

All I can see is the IP address and when they first click on. In the few hours I checked yesterday, I had watchers from Russia, Israel, Argentina, Canton, OH and Miami, FL.  Most seem to fire up the camera and keep it going. It's fun to watch.  I'm sure there is some tool to either place a list of IP addresses on a map or automagically fill in a spreadsheet... I need find something like that.

I'm now deeply into Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Likely that's where a lot of my non-swimming day will go.
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