Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of my day

The bedroom and bathroom are all put back together and I feel so much better about it all. The new toilet is very nice and so quiet. Flushing to the old one required a heavy hand and the result was a giant sucking sound that you could hear for blocks. Now, it's a simple push and it's so quiet.  I have tried to pee today ONLY when I needed to but I had no problem decided which toilet to use!  I ended up getting the higher old people height one without really intending to.  But, I thought it would be good to have one of each height. It's kind of hard to get used to and hits my thighs not terribly comfortably but I suspect I'll forget about the difference sooner than later.

I also did a little tweaking of what goes where in the bedroom. Specifically, I moved the dirty clothes hamper. And put the scale where it was. My money says that scale will have dirty clothes on it sooner than not.

The kitchen is clean and I even ran the dishwasher.

I swapped out the basket yarn for some different yarn. I got this great deal on giant sized skeins that are great but they are only in pastel colors and I'm bored with pastel colors right now, so I thought I'd switch to different colors for a bit. I'll rotate those pastel skeins back in another time. I've really become efficient with my yarn use. My hexagon project is burning through the tiny bits. I'm happy with my current process.

I'm also happy with my arms and hands. They are old looking and have a fair number of scars from 65 years of using them, but they do NOT have giant deep purple bruises all over them. I have a few spots here and there. The one big one I got last week is nearly gone. After several years of living with these ugly and embarrassing things all over my hands and arms, looking at them now is like looking at a miracle.

My Twitter feed today is all about whether Hello Kitty is a cat or not. Serious news people are arguing about this. It's cracking me up. Clearly we have a lull in world tragedies and ice bucket challenges.  (FYI - the Hello Kitty thing is running about 50/50 with the 'she is not a cat' people sounding a little less rational and more stupid than the 'she is a cat' people.) I am amused.

Today's baseball game was a bury your head in the sand horror show. Tomorrow is a baseball day off. Whew.
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