Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

toileting of the now

I am computing on my bed while Michelle is right now in the process of getting that old toilet out of my life. Yeah.

I had a good swim today. My neck is still sore from yesterday's hilarious attempts to turn it the opposite way to breathe.  Today I remembered to pay close attention to where my head and arms where and how and when they move when I do it the way that comes naturally. I figure the more I know about that, the easier it will be to replicate it correctly on the other side. Since I actually learned the mechanics of how I swim more than a half century ago, I have forgotten them all. I just do it and don't know how. Now I'm trying to pay attention to the how.

I am sure appreciative of those swim teachers I had as a kid. It was painless for me to learn and, apparently, they did a heck of a great job in teaching me right. There is  precious little I have ever been able to do or interested in doing athletically ever. But, I can swim. Thanks to those teenagers in the 50's.


The old toilet is out.

Yep, totally forgot about the paint issue. I tossed out the little bit of leftover paint a while back. Doh. I am, however, relieved to report that I not only recorded the paint specs but I put it in an obvious place so I was able to find it this morning! I'm proud. I could have halted the process, run out and gotten paint and painted but, like Scarlett O'hara, I decided to worry about that another day.

The new toilet is in pieces on my bedroom floor and Zoey is inspecting every bit very carefully.


Meanwhile, next week's events are getting more clear. There will be no access or egress by car from my condo from about 10ish am until about an hour after the game starts at 5 next Thursday. Monday - Labor Day - is also going to be tricky and Tuesday and Wednesday, a little better.

My condo is just across from the right hand edge to that gray block under North Lot. The right half of my terrace looks out over the stadium and the left half looks into the apartments (the gray block). The latest word is that they expect 150,000 people at the concert and we can expect the crowds to start gathering about 8 am.  It's sounding a lot like the post Superbowl rally last Winter. I'm thinking now that trying to get to and from the pool via bus might not be fun. We may just declare it a stay home day.


The baseball game is at 1 today.


Ohhhh! I hear toilet water running! We may be on our way to flush success!
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