Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Who in the hell would buy that???

Overheard at the grocery store this morning just before I grabbed some myself... "Who in the hell would buy that? How hard is it to slice a damn apple?? And they have to be so full of preservatives, you'd get cancer in a week."

They were talking about fresh sliced apple in a bag.  I love 'em.  This is, in fact, my favorite snack.  Precut apples, precut cheese in a paper bowl.  I do use the same bowl over and over again.  I am sure the apple slices are full of preservatives and I'm very grateful. 1. It makes the apples last longer - they stay the same color and crispness for about a week (they may keep fresh longer but they are all gone by then) and 2. Maybe some of those preservatives will work on me!

Yep, I can slice an apple and yes, I can slice cheese. Would I do it every day for a snack?  Nope. I can never pick good tasting apples at the store and slicing is a PIA. So, come snack time, I'd grab a candy bar or a handful of M&M's. I think this is possibly better for me and, actually more tasty.

Soooooo Mom's with strollers blocking the aisle while you judge people in produce, I buy that! So get the fuck out of my way.


Another of my favorite hole-in-the-wall places to eat in Seattle has closed. Catfish Corner was the place my Mom always wanted to go to first whenever she visited. Even my New Zealand friends requested a stop there when they came to town. And now... it is no more.

Years ago, they had the very best peach cobbler outside of the southeastern United States. There peach cobbler was seriously delicious. You could get it with ice cream - and who wouldn't??

Then one time I went in for dinner and there was no peach cobbler on the menu. What? What's with the no peach cobbler, I asked. "Well, our Gran always made it and she passed and didn't leave the recipe."


News today is that Weyerhaeuser is moving their 900 people headquarters to this neighborhood.  It sounds like they are building a new building in one of our few remaining parking lots.  Wild. When I moved here 22 years ago, this neighborhood was known for bars where you pick up chicks and/or get knifed. Then the dot coms moved in and it was geek heaven. Then the dot com balloon burst and a bunch of retail moved out it was a ghost town. Then last year it started coming back. New apartment/condos quadrupled  the number of residences, 40 gillion new, hip restaurants opened and business started moving in. Now we're building new buildings to accommodate more. Wild. And, kinda fun.
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