Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pool fun

There is a guy who swims very nearly every Tues and Thurs when I do. In my lane. I call him Slow Guy. He swims with his body from the waist up horizontal and from the waist down vertical and if that is not enough to slow him down, he also has very slow strokes. But, he's sweet as he can be and cute in an old slow guy way and always greets me with a giant smile. He only swims for 20 minutes so usually, I scoot over to the next lane until he is done.

Today, when I got there, Slow Guy was in the middle of a swimming lesson!!  He was getting some great pointers and really giving it a good go.  After his lesson, he came over to my/our lane for his swim. He had flippers on. When we met at the end, I told him that he was scaring me with his new skills and new feet. He just laughed and said in this absolutely adorable old world European accent "I've been eating your dust way too long!"  It just cracked me into giggly pieces.

And he was way faster. No longer a lane clog at all!!

Then, the next pool thing that happened was that I saw Chinese Couple! A very sweet old Chinese man and his wife used to come every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 11. They spoke very little English but we swapped names (except theirs were very Chinese and I couldn't remember them) and always had big smiles and waves for each other and then they disappeared.

Today they were back! To their old routine. He does very slow laps in the free-for-all lane and she floats back and forth hugging the pool wall. For 20 minutes and then they hit the sauna.  Today, when they came out of the sauna, I stopped in the shallow end and flagged them down and welcomed them home. They said they were only gone for a year but it sure seemed longer to me. They were in China. But they are back now. We smiled and waved and bowed a little. Fun to have all my peops back in the saddle.

I tried the internet tricks for bilateral breathing and ended up with a severe foot cramp and a sore neck and really no success. So I think it's lesson time.  I checked the teaching book and the I wasn't that interested in the teachers available Thursday and they don't have the schedule for post Labor Day yet so I'll wait. But, I do think that's the way to do. Lesson.

But first, lunch.
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