Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have a toilet in a box in my bedroom and it's sitting where other things usually sit so those other things are out of place as well and, turns out, I have way more OCD than I ever thought. Having stuff in transition and out of place makes me feel really uncomfortable.

I suspect I've been this way for a few years and just didn't notice. Lately, having stuff out on the kitchen counter - like stuff I haven't put away or dishes and glasses, makes me feel anxious. Having a clean kitchen really makes me peaceful. I can see the kitchen from the living room so it's not like I can close the door and forget about it.

The bedroom situation should be fixed tomorrow morning but I think, for the sake of my sanity, I'm not going to count those chickens until I hear the cluck.

The communications at Amyworks is a little haphazard so I was completely surprised when the toilet installer called and wanted to drop the toilet off. But, whatever.

I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for making this whole toilet replacement thing way much more of a festuche than it really needed to be. I just hope the other toilet stays healthy forever. And I am sooooo glad that I have two!


Swimming today at 11. And I am going to try to start the new breathing training. I scoured the internets for tips and accumulated some good ones I think.  I think it will be good muscle training and might even help those times when swimming hurts my lower back (which actually does happen less frequently these days).


I am going to try one errand on the way to the pool. Tomorrow the highway that has been closed since last Friday will reopen and my two main roads (which are now the work arounds for the closed road) will be mine again. Whew.

There will be really only a couple of days of freedom, however.

The football stadium and parking lot across the street starts a week of stuff this weekend. There's a 5K race and concerts and stuff every day leading up to the 4th when Soundgarden and Pharrell Williams will be giving a free concert in the parking lot in the middle of the afternoon followed by the Seahawks season opener. Translation: it is likely I will not even be able to go swimming that day as getting home in the car probably won't be possible.

If it's cool enough, I may try to bus it. There's no easy bus from here to there but, given enough time and with no hurry, it's probably doable if it's not too hot out.

After the 4th things, traffic wise, should settle down to normal. Hopefully.
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