Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No surprise here

A handyman is = a handywoman in many ways, including, as it turns out, not being at all on time.  And, in this case, it means no toilet for me today and maybe not tomorrow. PHUCK.

When I made the appointment for 3 pm today I stressed 8 ways to Sunday that 3 pm was VERY late in the day to try this. We have a major road completely blocked and a baseball game added to the usual post work rush.  Getting between Home Depot and here is less than 2 miles and this afternoon will probably take about 45 minutes to an hour unless it's after 4 and then you can probably add an hour.

So... at 3:15, the office called to say that the handywoman would be here at 4.  Which of course means she will not be here probably much before 4:30 or 5.  Vendors and working staff must be done and out of the building by 5pm.

Oh great, she just called back to say Wednesday morning at 8:30. Home Depot wants the toilet picked up by Wednesday or they will cancel. So if this slips, We start all over.  I am not a happy camper. At Fucking All.

Edit Later.

I am not happy with me. I got all bent out of shape and pissed off over this thing and really, it's no biggie. These people have always been on time for every other job. They are good. I don't like the woman who does the scheduling but the people who do the actual work have always been fine and good. I have two toilets. I'm not suffering. I have the time. I'm not missing work or even missing swimming. It's NO BIG DEAL.  It's ridiculous for me to get all wound up over something this inconsequential.

On the up side, I made a form - works on phone and laptop - to track my meals and food costs. It took forever because I am an idiot but by damn, I got it done.  Form feeds a spreadsheet. Data Diva. 
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