Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Full day. Really!

I've been thinking that I need to work some small challenges into my swimming. Maybe teach myself how to turn my head to the left as well as the right to breathe. Or maybe do sprint laps where I haul ass for a length or two. Or maybe try other stuff. Early morning swims are usually the best for this because I often have a lane to myself.  But, the problem is, I think of these things outside of the pool and then, like today, totally forget them when I get in the water. Ha. Maybe tomorrow.

At 11 today, Jeannie, who used to work at the Baby Corner, comes by to pick up the bears. If all goes well, she'll pull up outside, I'll be in the lobby with the bears, I'll pop them into her car and off she'll go. Easy peasy and something she won't mind doing regularly.

The new toilet comes at 3. I told the scheduler that if Michelle (who's going to be the toilet put-er in-er) gets freed up earlier to feel free to come on over. I'm a little worried about her getting tangled in traffic when she goes to leave. Rush hour with a major artery still closed added to baseball game traffic is going to make this afternoon around here a fucking mess car wise speaking.

At 6 is the Home Owners Association meeting in the lobby. I have really come to find these interesting and efficiently run. And, until they get their communications shit together, it's the only way to really find out what's happening.

At 7 is the baseball game.  Oh and in between are the Emmy's which I'll likely hold off and fast forward through later to see outfits and any moments that need to be stopped for.

Lots going on - at least for someone who never has anything going on.  
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