Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Throwback Sunday

Years and years ago when LiveJournal was way younger, there was a period of a few months when, it seemed, it would go down every Sunday morning. It went down a lot but the every Sunday morning thing got to be a real thing.

This morning I woke up to find... LiveJournal was down! A total blast from the past. At least now they have pages set up and linked so that you know that they know and you know everyone is working on it. In the old days, it was such a black hole.

But, it seems to be coming back. I can't yet access the post screen so I'm using ScribeFire and hope it will be postable when I'm done.

The last baseball game with Boston is this morning so there won't be any going out for brunch. Also all the traffic problems of yesterday are, today, exacerbated by roads closed for events nearby so I think, probably, there will be no going anywhere later. It it says cool, I may go out for a little walk later.

The 10 day weather forecast is so tolerable. And next weekend we get even cooler. I have been turning on the air conditioner at night but, keeping it off mostly during the day. Amazing for August. And wonderful.

Well, the ScribeFire work around didn't work but waiting did. Looks like LiveJournal is well and truly back. Whew.
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