Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of Saturday

I got four new pillowcases made that are just the size I want. I sure wish I had a place to keep the sewing machine up all the time or at least easily gotten to. But, I just cannot figure out where or how. I even looked at one of those cabinets that the machine can pop out of but I don't really have any place to put one of those either.  Oh well.

I have an old wooden collapsible TV table that I haul out and set up in front of my shoe bench at the end of my bed. It's pretty handy. The machine and all the sewing stuff in in a cabinet that also serves as the TV stand in my bedroom. It's as good a system as I'm going to get, I think.

The baseball game was great. Thank you Boston (and particularly rsc and jwg). Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  See you again tomorrow morning.

I tried some barbecue ribs from Trader Joes for dinner and they were really pretty darned delicious. Nice to know. The kitchen is clean and I have an iced cinnamon bun for dessert later.

I'm hoping to get one more bear finished before the bear lady comes on Monday. I think I wrote the other day that I will have 100. My counter was seriously impaired. If I get this last one done, I will have exactly 36.

I just got an email from neighbor Ann. She is in Los Angeles visiting friends. Apparently she went into the Apple store there and bought a printer and had the ship it home. Her note was to beg me to set it up for her. I have told her every single time she has asked me about that damn iPad  that I know nothing about iPads or Apple anything.   I sure as hell have no idea how to set up an 'AirPlay' printer with no computer.

So I sent her a note back and told her again (as I have told her many times) that I cannot help her with Apple product issues. I sent her (again) the name and phone number of the guy who does Apple help and will come to her. And suggested that if she didn't want him she might go to the Apple store here and ask it they know of anybody who could set it up for her.

As least she sent email and I don't have to listen to her cry again.  She did take time out in the email to bitch about how her friends are making her watch Fox news and they won't say anything nice about Obama.  They way she talks about everyone to me makes me wonder what in the world she must say about me when I'm not around. But, then as long as I'm not around to hear her, I'm happy. She comes back on Monday.  I plan to enjoy the day and a half Ann free days I have coming to me.
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