Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a strange day

Strange compared to my other days, I mean.  I realized tonight that I was not sleepy all day... for a change. But, then, I really didn't have time to be either. There could be key in there somewhere.

I redid my TiVo/TV/soundbar set up. And then my remotes got unpaired and so I had to redo them. Now, the soundbar sounds way better than before and it sounded good before. I think I would describe the sound before as muddy compared to the sound I get now. It's not twice as good but maybe half again which is a good enough boost for me. And my harmony remote is also WAY happier with its repairing. so Whew.

I did most of this while listening/watching the Mariners play the Red Sox. A lot of the game was 0-0 and then the Red Sox got 3 runs and we went into the 9th inning where we finally wore them down and won 5-3. Plus, other teams that won/lost tonight moved us up the ladder. This has been a great baseball season. It could get better but what it has been has been great.

The Seahawks are playing tonight. Not a regulation game but enough for the loud drunks to participate. So between that and the hot night last night, I have closed the door to the outside and turned the air conditioner back on.

I think tonight is going to be a good sleep.
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