Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that's a pleasant surprise!

Last year sometime, I bought a very simple (subwoofer built in) sound bar for my TV. I spent two days fucking with it trying to get it to work. Total Fail. I sent it back to Amazon.

Today's sound bar - again simple, subwoofer built in, hooked up successfully the first time easy peasy no problemo!

Weird.  It looks fine and it works fine and Harmony is fine controlling it and the TiVo remote now controls it as well. This is way too much success for me to handle.

The sound does not sound that much better but I'm listening now to something that normally I wouldn't have that much trouble making out the words anyway.  I think I'll hold off tossing out the boxes just in case.

Further testing...  I just started watching an episode of House Hunters and discovered, in minutes, that I no longer needed to read the closed caption I keep turned on in order to understand what they are saying!!!  WIN!!!
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